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Our Repair Services

Repair Service
In-Home Service Call
  • We offer In-Home Repair of units that are either too Large to be removed from the house, or are too far from our shop.  The decision on whether to repair the unit in the house or bring it back to the shop rests with the technician performing the service.  Please fill out a Service Request Form to receive more information about your unit.
Pick Up and Delivery
  • We offer Pick Up and Delivery of any unit that is need of repair and the owner is not able to bring the unit to the shop.  Pick Up and Delivery fees vary according to Size of the unit and the distance from the shop.  Please fill out a Service Request Form to receive more information about your unit.
Standard Repair Service
  • We Repair most makes and models of Televisions. 
  • When you bring in a television for repair, we will do a thorough check and diagnoses of the unit to pinpoint the exact problem. Then we will provide an estimated cost to repair the unit before ANY work is performed on the unit.  There is a Estimate Fee due at the time the unit is brought in for repair or before an estimate will be done on the unit.  The Fee is based on unit size, ranging from $20 up to $100.  Please call us for an exact quote on the estimate fee for your television.   
  • Most units are repaired within One week.  Delays usually occur when parts are unavailable, on back order, and/or when estimates are not approved immediately by the customer.
Warranty Repairs
  • We are a Factory Authorized Warranty Repair Center for many Television Manufacturers and Service Contract Plans.  Please see our "Warranty Services" page for more details.